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Contacting the Fire Desire Team:

If you are feeling a little shy about asking for help on the public forums you can always contact us privately, you can ask us any questions you may have regardless of how silly you might think it is. We will give you an answer.

If you have any suggestions or ideas please share them with us.
After all it is the contribution of countless members that has shaped this community to what it is today. Will you help spread that desire for fire?

Do you have photos or videos you would like to upload to the community?
You can either email them to us or post them up on the Facebook group.

If you have any articles relating to poi in anyway please send them to us and spread the knowledge or a good story.

If you have any complaints at all relating to Fire Desire please contact us so we can resolve any problems there may be.

Please report any grammar or spelling mistakes you may come across.

Contact Fire Desire:

- Leave a comment
- Email:
- Facebook Group: Fire Desire - Fire Poi and Staff Community
- Call: +27720335535

1 comment:

  1. what a beautiful site!

    I'm a fire eater/breather/dancer/healer that is traveling through mexico n central america this winter. I'm looking to book some gigs at resorts down there and was wondering if you or any of your members have experience in that area of the world.

    Much appreciation,
    Madamn Burnz