Contact Us

Contacting the Fire Desire Team:

If you are feeling a little shy about asking for help on the public forums you can always contact us privately, you can ask us any questions you may have regardless of how silly you might think it is. We will give you an answer.

If you have any suggestions or ideas please share them with us.
After all it is the contribution of countless members that has shaped this community to what it is today. Will you help spread that desire for fire?

Do you have photos or videos you would like to upload to the community?
You can either email them to us or post them up on the Facebook group.

If you have any articles relating to poi in anyway please send them to us and spread the knowledge or a good story.

If you have any complaints at all relating to Fire Desire please contact us so we can resolve any problems there may be.

Please report any grammar or spelling mistakes you may come across.

Contact Fire Desire:

- Leave a comment
- Email:
- Facebook Group: Fire Desire - Fire Poi and Staff Community
- Call: +27720335535

About Us

About Fire Desire:

Fire Desire was started by a group of friends that are passionate about Poi.
The idea first came to us when we kept struggling to find news and spinning events.
And so Fire Desire came to be. We decided to create a community that would keep people up to date with any events or news regarding poi we could find. To create a community without limits without boarders. A vision of a united fire culture. A united culture that would work together to grow our amazing art and spread the joys of POI to as many people as we can.

People started contributing what they knew and in no time the ball got rolling.
It is the coming together of spinners. Each persons idea and contribution shape and evolve the community. That is why it is so important to contribute, give back and spread that Desire for Fire!

Fire Desire Goals/Mission:

To help the Development/Awareness of Poi through:
- Workshops, Open Fire Events and Performances.
- Taking Poi to the underprivileged communities(PPP).
- Letting people play with our toys at events.
- Connecting fellow spinners
- Spreading the Desire for Fire
- Link up the world of poi to share the knowledge

To create a Community like no other:
- By doing things differentially, we just love poi
- Working together with other POI groups and individuals.
- Creating an easy linking system to all poi related websites.
- Creating an Easy,Fun & interactive website.
- Keeping you up to date with news and events
- Providing you with a place to post/view pictures and videos
- Create a friendly environment to chat and ask questions.
- To create free comprehensive training videos
- Listening to what YOU want.

Contribute to the Community

We are constantly adding to the above list and if you know of a way/idea to better the community or the art of POI please get in touch with us regardless if you think its a silly idea or not. Most times its the silly things that make the biggest impact.

We are also always looking for additional articles, pictures, videos well basically anything poi related. Lets get it up for everyone to benefit from and enjoy.

Spread that Desire for Fire!